How to Use Scheduled Tasks

Windows has a good feature called Scheduled Task, which let user execute the specified task to execute daily, weekly, monthly, at the specified time. 

You can automate your different time consuming tasks on the times when you are not using your computer, such as disk cleanup, disk fragmentation, any many more. 

Follow below steps to use the create new scheduled task, steps are explained from the windows XP prespective.  
  1. Open Control Panel from Start Menu or typing Control in the Run window.
  2. Under Category View  of control panel select "Performance and Maintenance". If your control panel view is classic then you will directly find "Scheduled Tasks" folder like icon.
  3. Under Scheduled Tasks, right click then Select New ->Scheduled Tasks.
  4. Specify the Name for the New Task. Then right click the newly created task.
  5. Select Properties.  This will show the properties window for the new schedule task. 
  6. Under Run specify the executable you want to run as your schedule task. This can be any exe, batch file(.bat) or a script that you want to execute. 
  7. In front of  "Run as: " provide the user name and valid password of the user, under this user context the schedule task will execute.
  8. On Schedule tab, provide when, how frequently you want to execute the task.
  9. Now press Apply then OK. Now your task is ready to execute at specified date time.


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