Bypass traverse checking Access Right

Policy Setting Location:

Open the group policy which defines this settings, this is usually a default domain controller policy. You can open group policies using Group Policy Object Editor, this console is by default installed on windows operating system. Fastest way of opening group policy object editor is to execute command “gpedit.msc” from Run prompt.  Under group policy object expand
“Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment”, on right hand side you will see the policy “Bypass traverse checking”.

Policy Description:

This user right determines which users can traverse directory trees even though the user may not have permissions on the traversed directory.
The users having this privilege are not able to list the contents of a directory, they can only traverse directories.
This user right is defined in the Default Domain Controller Group Policy object (GPO) and in the local security policy of workstations and servers.
The default groups that have this right on each platform are:
  • Workstations and Servers
    • Administrators
    • Backup Operators
    • Power Users
    • Users
    • Everyone
  • Domain Controllers
    • Administrators
    • Authenticated Users
    • Everyone
Once you change this setting you should restart the machine or at least execute following command from command prompt:
gpupdate /force
Executing this command will refresh the machine policy settings.


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