Modifying System Startup: To load selective startup

If your windows operating system is booting/running slow, then more number of unwanted program loading at startup might be one of the reason behind this.

You can load the selective startup, so that required programs only get loaded. Follow below steps to do this. 

Caution: Be sure that which programs you are going to remove from startup, because if you de-select programs such as device driver or any of the required services then the operating system might not function correctly.
1. Click Start, select Run.
2. Type msconfig. Click OK. This will launch dialog as below. 

3. Under startup selection click on Selective Startup.
4. Then Select Startup tab.

5. There you will find the programs that are going to be loaded at startup. 
6. By unselecting them, they will not load during startup.
7. Click Apply then OK.
8. It will show message box as below.
 9. Here click restart if you want to restart. 


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