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Error: "The server is not operational"

If you face an issue "The server is not operational" while executing Active directory queries or using tool which connect to Active Directory, you will need to check the connectivity with the active directory.
In order to resolve the issue follow the steps mentioned in the KB article
If still issue persist you will need to check domain DNS entries. Check if forward and reverse look-up entries are populated correctly, for the active directory domain you are trying to connect.
If above steps does not resolve the issue and if you programatically connecting to active directory then try to use cached connections for the different queries.

Extended initializer lists only available with -std=c++0x or -std=gnu++0x

You may get error "Extended initializer lists only..." while you are compiling your C++ code. This error is encountered when you are trying to assign the elements of the array as:

Which you have already declared some where in your code as
    int array[10];  

You can only specify the initialization list during declaration of the array hence the error, if you want to assign the values somewhere else in your code except declaration then use the for loop or direct assignment at particular index such as
    for(int i =0; i< 10; ++i)
        array[i] = value;
    array[0] = value0;
    array[9] = value9;

Hope this helps...

Undefined reference to `std::cout'

You may get the error "undefined reference to `std::cout'" while compiling C++ program in Linux/Ubuntu.  In order to resolve the error check: Have you included the iostream header file in your program. If no then include "iostream" in the code. ORAre you trying to compile c++ program using gcc command. You should compile C++ program using g++ such as: $ g++ test.cpp

File format not recognized; treating as linker script

If you are getting error "file format not recognized; treating as linker script
while compiling C++ program using g++ in Ubuntu, then you might have used incorrect file extension for your code file.
As File names are is case sensitive in Linux the file extension that you have specified for your program code file also matters while compiling the code.
You should use ".CPP" (All in capital letters) or ".cpp" (All in small letters) extension to your code file.

How to install gcc on Ubuntu

To check if you have gcc installed on your Ubuntu type gcc on the terminal. If terminal shows you following error means you don't have gcc installed.
"gcc: fatal error: no input files"
To install gcc, all you need to do is to follow the below commands:
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install build-essential Once the installation completed for essentials, you can check the installed gcc version by command
gcc --version

How to install download accelerator for Firefox in Linux

You will have to install the add-on for the Firefox, there are DownThemAll, FlashGot and many more add-ons available for the purpose of download acceleration.Visit the webpage Click on the Most popular list, or search for above mentioned add-ons or for any of the download accelerator add-on you know, and Click on "+ Add to Firefox" button.  Firefox will download the add-on, Then select the add-on and press Install and you are done.

How to install the Utorrent in linux or ubuntu

1. Download utorrent from Right click the downloaded file and click 'Extract Here'.
2. Open the extracted folder.
3. Right click the file with name 'utserver' and make it executable.
4. To make it executable right click on utserver -> properties -> permissions -> add check the check box of "Allow executing file as program".
5. Now execute the file 'utserver' by double clicking it.
6. utserver runs as background program so you will not see any user interface on execution.
7. Open your browser like firefox , chrome etc.
8. Now type in URL : http://localhost:8080/gui/
9. It will prompt for the authentication. Type username: admin
   leave password field blank and press ok.

If you fail to see the ui of utorrent the reason could be you don't have a dependent lib that utserver required, check this post for resolving the error.

unable to see utorrent webui in Ubuntu / Linux

You have downloaded the Utorrent and trying to use the utorrent using webui. But if the webui is not showing up, then you need to check if the "utserver" is running or not.
You can check this by executing command
"sudo ps -e | grep utserver"
to see if utserver running.
If utserver is not running, execute the utserver by double clicking "utserver". Now check if the utserver is running. If it still fails to execute, then go to terminal, traverse to the directory where you have download and extracted the utorrent. Now execute the utserver by executing command
If it fails to execute you may see the error on terminal. It might be case that you will be missing the dependent lib. Install the dependent lib and start utserver again. It should start successfully.

Unable to load CorelDrw.dll. Error Code : 998

You may get the error "Unable to load CorelDrw.dll. Error Code : 998" when you are trying to launch the Corel Draw. This problem appears when you have installed "searchqu" application on your system. You may not have intentionally installed this application, it may be part of some freeware getting installed. Go to Add/Remove programs in the control panel. In Add/Remove program list find the "searchqu" application and uninstall it. Try launching the Corel Draw now. This should resolve the problem. Update: If you don't have "searchqu" installed,  check if you have "iliveid" installed, it also does the same. If iliveid is installed uninstall it.

LG Optimus 2X stuck in S/W Upgrade please wait while upgrading

** I Will Not responsible for any damage done with use of below mentioned methods. **

If you are not trying to apply the update from LG  and if your LG Optimus 2X or T-Mobile G2X is freezes after this message for long long time then follow below steps in order to recover the mobile. 
- Remove the battery. Wait for some time and put battery back again. Now start the mobile with power button. Do not hold any other button.
- Even this time as well if you see the same S/W upgrade message you will need to install the custom recovery tool on your mobile using NVFlash or OneClickRecoveryFlasher. Follow the link
- Else you can use the SmartFlash Tool for LGP990 and recover the mobile with LG stock ROM. Follow the link  for how to use SmartFlash tool. 
Note: You may loose your data by following above steps.

Error: command failure: partition download failed

This post is for those who are trying to flash ClockworkMod using NVFlash or OneClickRecoveryFlasher or manually using command prompt on LG Optimus 2X or T-Mobile G2X. 
Carefully looking at the error you can recognize that error is about the partition failure, it means command failed to recognize/find the partition you have specified in the command.  If you are using OneClickRecoveryFlasher you may find the FlashCWMRecoveryXXXX.cmd file which will contain the commands that I am talking about. The partition number is mentioned after the --download flag. As marked in red in below command :
nvflash.exe --bct E1108_Hynix_512MB_H8TBR00U0MLR-0DM_300MHz_final_emmc_x8.bct --bl fastboot.bin --download 5 recovery-clockwork-
In order to resolver the error the partition number must be correct.  In case if your trying to flash the recovery in T-Mobile G2X use partition number as 5.  In case if your trying to flash the recovery in LG Optimus 2X use partition number as 14. 

How to install Custom ICS (Android 4.0) ROM on LG Optimus 2x (P990)


With the help of ROM Manager application you can easily upgrade your LG Optimus 2X (LGP 990) with ICS 4.0.4 custom ROM. 
For this you will have to first ROOT your device. To know how to root your LG Optimus 2X click here. Then install a free ROM Manager application available in Googly Play market. 
Now download the custom ROM that you want to install/apply. Copy the custom ROM to your internal memory of LG Optimus 2X (LGP 990), you can even copy the ROM to external SD card as well.  Now follow below mentioned steps to apply the custom ROM.

1. Launch the ROM Manager application, you will see the UI as below:
2. Click OK. Firstly you should backup your current ROM. You can have backup in two forms with Data and only ROM. You should take backup in both the form so that you can at least return to old ROM if something goes wro…