How to install the Utorrent in linux or ubuntu

1. Download utorrent from Right click the downloaded file and click 'Extract Here'.
2. Open the extracted folder.
3. Right click the file with name 'utserver' and make it executable.
4. To make it executable right click on utserver -> properties -> permissions -> add check the check box of "Allow executing file as program".
5. Now execute the file 'utserver' by double clicking it.
6. utserver runs as background program so you will not see any user interface on execution.
7. Open your browser like firefox , chrome etc.
8. Now type in URL : http://localhost:8080/gui/
9. It will prompt for the authentication. Type username: admin
   leave password field blank and press ok.

If you fail to see the ui of utorrent the reason could be you don't have a dependent lib that utserver required, check this post for resolving the error.


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