How to keep Laptop On When the Lid is Closed: Windows 7

Sometimes you may want to keep your laptop on but the screen should be off, or you may want to close the LID. But it may happen that when you close the Lid the laptop get in to sleep mode or even it get switched off.

You can control this behavior by following below given simple steps:

On your find the battery icon which will be present on the windows taskbar, usually located on left of the task bar shown as below. Click on the battery icon will show you some more options. Click on  "More options" link.  It will show you power options. 

If you do not find the battery icon you can directly got to power options using  Control Pane -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options. ( Control Panel option is present on the Start menu options.)

Now it will show you the control panel for power options windows as shown below.

On this window click "Choose what closing the lid does" link present on the left hand of the screen. This will show you the actions that you can choose when you close the lid as shown below.

  Now choose your action as "Do nothing". Selecting "Do Nothing" will stop your laptop from getting switched off or getting sleep mode when you close the lid.


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