How to enable Hibernate option on Windows 7

Hibernating is good option when you want to stop and resume your work from some point where you had off your computer/laptop.  

Windows 7 by default you will see only following options in the under Shut Down option. 

To enable hibernate you will need to carry following steps:

1. Launch the command prompt under administrator user.  To do this Search cmd on start menu. Right click cmd any select "Run as administrator".

2. Run following command on command prompt
           powercfg -h on

3. Now open "Power Options" from control panel.  Path Control Panel-> Hardware and Sounds -> Power Option.

4. On Power Option panel select "Choose when to turn off the display".

5. On "Edit Plan Settings" panel click "Change Advanced Power Settings", which will launch the advanced power settings panel.

6. Now as shown in above screen shot select your active power plan. Expand "Sleep" menu item, expand "Allow hybrid sleep". Now there will be two options with value as "off". Make then to "On".  Now check your shut down menu list under start menu it should display "Hibernate" under sleep menu. 

Also if you fell you don't want hibernate option. Disabling hibernate is very simple. Just launch command prompt under administrator user as mentioned in step 1. Now execute following command on command prompt. 
         powercfg -h off

Check your start menu the hibernate option will not be display here after.


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