Hiding the Drive from others

With a simple technique you can hide a drive from other. Just be sure that before hiding the drive, there should not be any files in use else you would not be able to hide the drive. Also keep in mind that you would not be able to hide system drive.
  • Open the computer management console. You can open this from ( For Windows XP) control panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management.  ( For Windows 7) control panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management.
  • Else you can execute command "compmgmt.msc" from Run or command prompt.
  • In the computer management console, on the left hand side select Storage -> Disk Management.
  • Selecting Disk Management will show you, the disk drives present on your computer, it will also list your other drives such as CD Drive, floppy drive if any.
  • The choose any drive you want to hide, and right click on that. 
  • On the context menu select "Change Drive Letter and Path", which will launch the dialog box where you can change or remove drive letter. 
  • On the "Change Drive Letter Path" drive click "Remove" button. 
  •  It will launch the confirmation dialog, say yes there and you are done.
Now launch the my computer, you will not find your hidden drive there. 


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