Enabling Remote Desktop on a Remote Machine

Sometimes you require to remotely connect your computer, but unfortunately you have'nt enabled the Remote Desktop connection on the remote computer. Then it becomes time consuming to go and enable remote desktop on the remote computer. But there is a way to enable remote desktop from any other computer through the registry settings.

Steps below demonstrate how to enable remote desktop on a remote machine.  
  1. Start Registry Editor on your computer.
  2. Under File Menu select "Connect Network Registry" option. 
  3. It will launch the  "Select Computer" dialog box. Either browse Active Directory to locate the remote server, or type its name in the textbox. Click OK and a node will be displayed in Registry Editor for the remote machine. 
  4. Now browse HKLM on remote computer registry to find the following Registry key: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server. 
  5. Under the Terminal Server key, search for a  REG_DWORD value of name fDenyTSConnection
  6. Set the value of fDenyTSConnection to 0, which will enable the remote desktop on that machine.
  7. To have effect of this change, restart your remote computer using command: shutdown -r -t 00 /m \\Server_name_or_IP

After the remote machine reboots, you can Remote Desktop your computer. 

Note: You should have permissions to remotely modify the registry settings on your remote computer and important thing is the Remote Registry Service on your remote computer should be running. 


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