Some useful windows Commands

Following are some useful commands that you can execute through the Run prompt on your windows machine.  
  1. Open Control Panel : control
  2. Open Add Remove programs panel from control panel : appwiz.cpl
  3. Open Power option properties : powercfg.cpl
  4. Open system configuration utility: msconfig
  5. Open Computer Management console : compmgmt.msc
  6. Open Local Security Settings console: secpol.msc
  7. Open Group Policy editor: gpedit.msc
  8. Open Windows Firewall Settings dialog: firewall.cpl
  9. Open Registry editor: regedit or  regedit32.exe
  10. Open System Properties dialog: sysdm.cpl  (Keyboard Shortcut: Start(windows) + Pause Break) you can also the command  "Control.exe system"
  11. Open About Windows dialog box/ To view windows version: winver
  12. Open Network Connections window : ncpa.cpl
  13. Open Windows Task Manager : taskmgr.exe  (Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Esc)
  14. For Eject Drive or Safely Remove Hardware : RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll
  15. To Open Sound and Audio Device properties dialog: mmsys.cp
  16. Open Service Manager: services.msc (You can connect to local or remote service manager and view\change services properties.)
  17. Open Active Directory Users and Computer Console:  dsa.msc (Note: You should have administrative tools installed and you should able to connect domain controller)
  18. Open Microsoft Management Console: mmc (Note:You can add different snap-ins in MMC console)
  19. Open Active Directory Domain and Trust management console: domain.msc (Note: You should have administrative tools installed and you should able to connect domain controller)
  20. Open internet explorer: iexplore, chrome (for chrome), firefox ( for Firefox). 
  21. To view internet options : inetcpl.cpl
Feel free to share commands that you know or if these does not work on particular operating system, I have tried these on Windows XP. 


  1. Task Mgr in WinXP I had always used cntrl/alt/del, but in Win7 your shortcut is more direct.


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