Unable to start namenode. Error "couldn't find resource file location"

Sometimes starting the namenode might throw below error.
ERROR config.RangerConfiguration (RangerConfiguration.java:addResourceIfReadable(110)) - addResourceIfReadable(ranger-hdfs-security.xml): couldn't find resource file location
INFO  provider.AuditProviderFactory (AuditProviderFactory.java:(77)) - AuditProviderFactory: creating..
FATAL conf.Configuration (Configuration.java:loadResource(2672)) - error parsing conf file:/etc/hadoop/
java.io.FileNotFoundException: /etc/hadoop/ (No such file or directory)

This is causing because, ranger plugin is not installed and authorization provider class is registered for ranger. Your config (hdfs-site.xml) will have below xml attribute with the value
ATTRIBUTE : dfs.namenode.inode.attributes.provider.class
VALUE: org.apache.ranger.authorization.hadoop.RangerHdfsAuthorizer

Now search for above attribute in hdfs-site.xml and remove attribute.Now you are good to start the service.


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