Nice little changes in iOS 11

Yesterday Sept 19 2017 Apple released iOS 11. iOS 11 is bundled with lots of features, which you might be aware right now, but there are more little changes. 

  • First striking change you will notice once you get started after upgrading to iOS 11 is the icons. The icons of iOS pre-loaded apps would feel different, and would give you feel of having a new device in hand. 
  • The calculator app UI is redesigned as shown below 

  • If you take a screenshot, iOS 11 will let you edit the screenshot before saving.

  • One thing I noticed that the margin left for the header part is more in majority of the apps like settings, photos. I am not sure this thing is with iPhone 5s only or with others as well, but certainly it eats up screen real estate.

I would keep updating this list as and when I encounter new ones.


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