How to use 2G mobile data network on Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 does not provide direct shortcut to use 2G data network as shown in below settings, as like other mobiles. To use the 2G mobile data network on Samsung Galaxy S4 you will have to follow below steps.
  1. On your Samsung Galaxy S4, go to Settings and select  More network.
  2. Under Wireless and Network settings, select Mobile networks.
  3. On Mobile Networks setting page click select the Network Mode setting.
  4. On Network mode dialog you may find below choices
    •  WCDMA/GSM ( auto connect ) : To choose any available 3G/2G network
    • WCDMA only : Use 3G only network
    • GSM only : Use 2G only network
From the available Network mode choose GSM only mode, this will allow you to use only 2G network and not 3G.


  1. thanks for the info, 2g really save battery AS COMPARED TO 3G.

  2. Thank you.....was of great help

  3. My Samsung Galaxy s4 19500 doesn't have the network mode option. Wat do I do. Really wanna change d 3g to edge

  4. In mobile network page network mode opt ion not coming...what to do


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