How to enable Start Screen Animation on Windows 8

Note: This post describe the method which involves changing and creating the registry keys. So in order to keep your computer away from any damage, please take the backup of  registry before going ahead.

Windows 8 Start screen supports animation. By default the animation is disabled. You can enable by setting the value of registry key. 
Follow below steps to enable the start screen animation:
  1. Start the registry editor. You can start it by executing command "regedit" in run  prompt or command prompt.
  2. Now in registry editor traverse to the folder (key)   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell\Grid. 
  3. Under Grid folder (Key) create the DWORD value  "Launcher_SessionLoginAnimation_OnShow " and set its value to 1.
This will enable the animation immediately. Now go to start screen by pressing start button to see the animation.
You can also control animation with some additional values :

  1. Launcher_SessionLogin_Icon_Offset Use this DWORD to set the offset for user picture shown at Start Screen.
  2. Launcher_SessionLogin_IconText_Offset - Use this DWORD to set the offset for user name shown at Start Screen. 
  3. Launcher_SessionLogin_IndividualTower_Offset - Use this DWORD to control the far left corner of Start Screen from where Tiles will fly during animation. 
  4. Launcher_SessionLogin_Tower_Offset - Use this DWORD to control the right position from where Tiles slides to their regular positions.
Set the values as shown in below image to get the nice animation:


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