How to boot Samsung Galaxy SL( GT-I9003) in recovery mode

Power off your Samsung Galaxy SL (GT- I9003) to start in recovery mode.
Once you have power off the phone, press and Hold Volume UP and Home button. Make sure you have hold volume up, don't press in  the middle of the volume buttons. 
Now keep pressing these two buttons(VOL UP + HOME) and press power button for 2-3 seconds. Release only power button, but keep pressing Volume Up + Home Button, until you see the screen shown below.
Once you see recovery screen release the Home button else your phone will restart as first selected option will be restart and pressing home will make that happen.

In the recovery mode, volume up & down act as a up scroll and down scroll buttons, by pressing Home button you will be able to click the selected option.


  1. hi, none of the key combinations work with my 9003, do you know what might be happening, I have 2.3.6 installed

    1. Try hold and resume volume key for 2-3 sec this should work.

    2. thanks. it worked this way

    3. thank u so much ......
      it works realy .............

  2. Replies
    1. You might not have installed correct driver. In order to odin detect your phone you should be in download mode for that you will have to press Power + home + volume down keys after installing the driver.

  3. Switch on after phone is not working .....kaise reset kare

  4. Replies
    1. Does it show any light after power on? Does it display anything on screen? If yes then you will might have issue with the booting. Please consult the customer care.

  5. Thanks its very usefull... And the trick is true.

  6. Still shows error when wiping data\factory reset


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