How to Run application as an Administrator always in Windows 7

If you are not administrator then certain applications which require administrative privileges, will not run properly. You can right click a application and then run them as an Administrator, but if you want to execute application frequently then it becomes pain.
In Windows 7 we can make application to run always as an Administrator. 
To do this you have two choices, one way is to set the property on application shortcut other is directly set the property on application executable.  
If you use the first approach it will be applicable to current logged-on user only and if you set property on executable then it will be applicable to all the users.
If you want to set the property only to current logged-on user  then On the Start menu, search the application shortcut that you want to always run as an administrator.
Right click the application shortcut and click properties.
On "Compatibility" tab, select the checkbox "Run this program as an administrator" as shown below.

If you want to set this property for all users then directly jump to the application executable. To open the executable path right click the application shortcut, click on "Open  file location". Now select the application executable. Right click and click properties. On "Compatibility" tab of properties dialog click "Change Setting For All Users" button. Enter the administrative user  name and password. If you enter user name, password correctly then you will be able to select the "Run this program as an administrator" checkbox.

Note that for enabling run as an administrator you should have administrative account privileges or credentials for administrative account


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