How to display full folder path in taskbar for opened folders in Windows 7

Windows 7 by default  display's only folder name on the taskbar. If you have too many folders open, then it becomes difficult to recognize the folder is from which drive. 

You can change this to display full folder path on taskbar easily. 
On any explorer window oepn Tools menu, and select Folder Options as shown below.

On the Folder Options dialog box select Views tab. Now Select the check box in front of text "Display the full path in the title bar (Classic theme only) " option as shown below.

   Now look at the task bar. It will be displaying full path for every folder opened. These steps are also applicable for Windows 2008 R2. 


  1. It would be nice if it showed the rightmost part of the path, now all my explorers have the title "C:\Projects..."


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