How to create Disk Partition without formatting the HDD

Windows 7 has made it easy to create disk partition without formatting a hard disk. Also you don't have to delete or move your data to do so. To create a partition you should have enough free space to create a new partition and your disk fragmentation should be very less. 

To partition a drive open a computer management tool. To open computer management window type "compmgmt.msc" in Run window and hit enter. On Computer Management window Select "Disk Management" option, which will display different disk and drives present on your computer. 

From the displayed disk drives choose from which drive you want to create new partition. Choose such a drive that should have maximum free space available. Now select the drive and right click will show below options

Choose "Shrink Volume", which will calculate the space available for new drive and will display dialog shown below. Now as shown below specify the space that you want to allocate for new drive, it should be less that the Size of available shrink space. 

Click Shrink and your new partition will be created in some time. 


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