Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 7

If you have observed, Quick Launch toolbar is not supported in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 also. When you right click on the taskbar, under Toolbars menu you wont find the "Quick Launch". 

Windows 7 allows you to pin shortcut icons directly into the taskbar, which was the functionality provided by the Quick Launch, hence having quick launch toolbar is redundant. But some people might be interested in Quick Launch toolbar, they can use this technique/workaround provided by Microsoft to enable the Quick Launch toolbar. 
The Quick Launch toolbar enable by this workaround will not be exactly similar to the earlier Windows version Quick Launch toolbar. This will be a Toolbar as you create a new toolbar using a folder having some shortcuts. 

Follow below steps to enable the Quick Launch toolbar: 

  • Right-click the taskbar, Select Toolbars-> New Toolbar. 
  • It will launch the Choose Folder dialog, where you can choose folder for the toolbar. In this dialog box, in the Folder text box, type  %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch, and then click OK
Once you do this your taskbar will show up the Quick Launch toolbar as below image (on Windows 2008 ) 

Note: %userprofile% will resolve to your(users) home directory.


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