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Copy Files from computer to android device using adb

You can use adb to transfer the files from the computer to your device in cases where you are not able to start the mobile in file transfer mode.

To copy a file from the computer to an android device connected via usb, use this:
adb push "/path/to/local/file" "/mnt/sdcard/path/to/file"
This will copy the local file to the device in the specified location.  Also using adb shell you can create directories or you can also execute some of the shell commands. Once adb is started to launch the adb shell use command 
adb shell

Error : MD5 mismatch! while restoring backup using CWM

Checking MD5 sums...  MD5 mismatch! 
If you are facing above error while restoring the backup using CMW then you can correct the error easily by using adb shell. 
Connect your mobile to computer and start adb shell else you can use the similar commands on terminal emulator as well. 
adb shell  # cd /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/2010-06-  # rm nandroid.md5  # md5sum *img > nandroid.md5
First traverse to the backup directory for which you are facing the error. Delete the existing md5 sum file( nandroid.md5). Now generate the new md5 sum for all image files in the same directory. And you are done. 
Now try to restore the backup.