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How to create shutdown shortcut for Windows

Sometimes its better to have shutdown shortcut handy, if you want to shutdown your computer number of times.
Its easy to create the shutdown shortcut on desktop. You just have to create new file in notepad. Type in the following command in file:

 shutdown -s -t 00

save the file on desktop with name ShutdownShortcut. If you see the file on desktop it will have extension ".txt", change it to ".bat". 

Now your shortcut for shutdown is ready. Just double click the bat file and your computer will start shutdown immediately. 

If you don't like to click the mouse for shutdown you can have a keyboard shortcut for this command as well. 

Just create a shortcut for the "ShutdownShortcut.bat" on desktop. Right click the shortcut created and select properties.  
As shown in below image click on Shortcut key, then press any key you would like to have shortcut key for Shutdown. Click Apply and Ok. 

Now whenever you will press the "Ctrl +Alt + Selected Key" your co…